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best moment in television ever

biggest plot twist in television EVER. 

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Ian Somerhalder says I love you in Bulgarian at TVD Convention @ Brussels, Belgium_May 11, 2013 [x]

Guess he practice those words a lot ;)

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Las amo chicas, live forever young

Las amo chicas, live forever young

Nian cuteness on TVD conventions

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“Last year, we had a spontaneous moment and we wanted to auction something but we didn’t really have anything. So we auctioned a vampire bite that went for $80,000.”

- Nina Dobrev on Her Spontaneous Oscars Move With Ian Somerhalder (x)

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Nian alphabet » Coachella 2011/2012

  • “I saw Florence And The Machine. They blew my mind at Coachella. Her voice is incredible. I just wanted to walk up on the stage an just hug her, then I realized that that was the song [Never let me go] they had cut together, and thought ‘Oooooo. That’s going to be pretty.” - Ian S.

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I want to become a different person, and that’s what working in film allows. I want to be a punk or a sweetheart or a drug addict! There are so many things to explore… Sometimes they’ll be like, ‘She’s not plain enough.’ Or ‘She’s not edgy enough.’ That frustrates me. I feel like a blank canvas, and I wish people would be a little more open-minded.

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